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the freedom to chose with or without alcohol.

How many of you refused an invitation to hang out with friends just because you wanted to avoid drinking at least for one evening? How many of you felt that there was no valuable alternative to good wine and have been forced to drink sugary soft drinks? How many of you felt uncomfortable just because you didn't feel like drinking alcohol, or simply because you couldn't? Things are finally changing. 


Cølibrì wants to offer more than just an alternative. It provides high-quality wines that will set people free from society's drinking norms, from made-up excuses that are just one way to escape everyday drinking habits, from discomfort.


Feel good, feel free to choose.

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I'm Eleonora Gottardi, a wine producer and entrepreneur. Back in 2018, my business partner, Edoardo Freddi, and I funded a fine wine export agency, DYNAMICA, that represents exceptional wine producers all over the world. Since the beginning of the alcohol-free wine boom, we challenged ourselves to understand, appreciate, and sell wines without alcohol. Finally, we decided to create our premium brand that embraces everything we aimed at: quality, craftsmanship and taste.

CØLIBRÍ is a brand like no other. We produce it in a family estate located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, one of the most diverse and exciting viticultural regions of Italy. We source our organic grapes from vineyards of property, having full control over the entire processing - from grape selection to vinification, to dealcholization. We gently remove the alcohol using the best in-house technology that guarantees an excellent result, without compromising the flavor and quality of our wines.


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